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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday night, we set out to celebrate the final days of one of my best friends singlehood. A bit of background information, though. Thursday night, I was a guinea pig for the police academy. They needed to practice recognizing drivers while intoxicated and under the influence. While there, we made friends with a set of gals who had brought their very own sauce to eat with the pizza that they provided. We were feeling adventurous, so we willingly sampled it. It was amazing habanero goodness!! But an hour after we were home that night, those tiny habaneros were inflicting their revenge on Don. (I must say that the girls said they'd never seen a white boy have that much sauce. Eeek!! That should've been warning enough!) The next morning, I awoke and it was hitting me. The first half of the day I was bent over in pain. My abs were getting quite the workout. I honestly don't know why I willingly try new foods during the week. Fortunately, I was able to log in from home and get some work done in between trips to the 'loo. Gross, I know, but still. I was praying that I wouldn't be too dehydrated for the evening and to also be able to go out with the girls. Horrible.

Lucky for me, by 4 it seemed that my body had rid itself of the remaining bits of the sauce. I proceeded to get ready for the night. When I opened my closet door, I realized that in the past 3 years my wardrobe has morphed into nothing but corporate wear and weekend wear. I had NO going out clothes. And there wasn't ANY time (or money) to go out and buy anything new to wear. So I picked out the least corporate looking top I owned and decided that was gonna work the heck out of my hairstyle and makeup. oh yeah!  Here you go:

This is TJ. She's modeling the tiny feather fascinators I made for all attendees of the party. They were really easy to make and I could do a tutorial if anyone is interested. I based mine on this video clip I found on youtube. I think they came out pretty fun. Also, Teej is part of the wedding party as well.
Tiffany, another bridesmaid is modeling hers as well. She's wearing the white longer parts downward and they totally framed her beautiful face.
I got her this koozie. When I saw it, it cracked me up! Ada's sister, and fellow maid bought that scepter. It lit up too!
We dined in the wine room at Steel before heading out to S4's Rose Room for the drag show, then finally dancing in the main room. I had a whole lot of fun enjoying the night and dancing away. This drink was shared between just us and later we all toasted a shot together. The rest of the night, I inhaled copious amounts of water, still leery of an upset stomach. Certainly, my abs and quads were sore the following day, but I had such a great time dancing. Every now and again, going out with my girls is needed indeed. The thing I like best about going to S4 is that I'm not surrounded by all sorts of pretentious indignation. It's a beautiful rainbow and plethora of loving and accepting souls from all walks of life. Jim, the 70+ year old new friend, was rocking a bright yellow soccer jersey that just glowed under the bright flashing lights. We swayed our bodies to the rhythm of the beat while he shouted out his theory on life and health to me. COMPLETELY random and exactly the sort of the thing that is very familiar, like dusting off an old friend: which is exactly what we'd done for that night. I pulled out the ol' bachelorette party box that contained all sorts of antics and games from both mine and my other BFFs bachelorette party. I'd been saving it for Ada's, and well, here we finally were.

Happy Bachelorette, my love! Cheers to the next chapter!

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