Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, June 21, 2010


I just wanted to do a quick weekend wrap-up to share all of the awesome indulgences (and gluttony) from the past few days. I'll make it a bulleted list to keep it short-ish.
  1. Kohl's was having another one of their epic sales, so we headed out in search of a pair of shorts and new panties for Mari. We left with a Father's Day present and a few new items for all of us. Yeah, that place is totally dangerous. I've already made a take-this-back-ASAP bag for things that weren't on major sale. (major sale=75% off or more)
  2. We headed out to Urban Crust for a birthday party. The pizza was good (not Il Cane Rosso good, but still good.) and the company was even better. The rooftop lounge could've used a fan to help with all of the smoking. We had to leave early because of it. My eyes were burning, my lungs aching, and I quickly realized, I just can't hang in all of that like I did before.
  3. We headed to chill at our place where Mari was having her first slumber party, sorta. My BFFs son H was hanging out with her since it was his father's birthday party we were attending. She enjoyed having him there. His mom came to pick him up a little after midnight and so the next morning when Mari woke up, she was positively disappointed when he wasn't there with her. It was cute. I'm so glad they get along so well!
  4. While we were at the house, we were up late playing Trivial Pursuit, Bet You Know It. Those of you not in the board gaming know, this game isn't even out yet! I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in a House Party, so we got an early preview of it. So far it's been a hit and a highlight for us ALL to play, not like the old Trivial Pursuit where I felt like a total moron. ha ha! Highly recommend you go out and get it. And if you need a $5 off coupon, I have an extra.
  5. As a result of playing the game, I didn't go to bed until 2:30AM.
  6. Saturday morning, I was dragging, but I did manage to muster up some get-up-and-go for a baby shower/going away party.
  7. We indulged on red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles, yummy lemonade, finger sandwiches, and mimosas. Mari was in heaven playing with a pair of cute yellow high heels that perfectly matched her dress. I was grateful to the owner of the shoes for graciously allowing her to play in them. 
  8. Mani/pedi session led to hourslong at the spa, which TOTALLY relaxed me. I actually fell asleep during my wax treatment. Crazy!
  9. A short power nap later, and we were off to Queen of Sheba to indulge in some uber-yummy Ethiopian food. Eating with your hands rocks! At dinner, I was gifted with some AMAZING Indian food spices and already put together Indian food sauces. One of those will be used this next week, just not sure which.
  10. For dessert, we headed on over to Henry's for a bit of sugary goodness. I released my inner kid and had strawberry with marshmallows. Don' hate!
  11. I passed out shortly after we got home. I did not want to think of all of the calories I had consumed during the day, but I did. Ugh.
  12. I had planned to let Don sleep in for Father's Day. Instead, he was up at 7AM to let Guapo out, then came back to pass out. I don't know how Mari did it, but she wound up in bed with us a bit after 8. She and I did the morning routine and snuck out to let Don sleep.
  13. He was up within the hour clearing out more of our garage. (sold our old fridge that had been gathering dust for a few years on Craigslist. FTW!) That's what I love about him, he has a free pass to be completely and totally lazy and not only did he make a visible dent in our garage, but he cleaned the kitchen, and did some laundry. I felt like a total slacker.
  14. At church, I was gifted with this book from a very stylish friend and fellow mommy. I adored the packaging, which was a regular brown grocery back repurposed into a very stylish and personalized gift bag! 
  15. We went to see Toy Story 3. Mari wasn't ask taken with it as I thought she would have been. She was very insistent on going potty a couple of times. Both of which were false alarms. She looked so big sitting in the booster seat alone in her own chair, munching on her snack pack of popcorn. Oh, and we loved it. Review to come.
  16. While killing time before standing in line for the movie, we went to Best Buy. I scored a swanky case for the iTouch, Alice in Wonderland, and another memory card for the camera(s). I also held the 5D Mark II. It made me want it even more.
  17. We watched Alice and Mari loved that movie, again. It made me that much happier with our selection for her birthday party theme.
  18. Hit the hay early (for me!), but was up at a ridiculous hour because I was entirely too hot in a rather cool house. I have NO IDEA why my body feels the need to heat up to 100+ degrees when I'm dead asleep. It will always invariably lead to waking me up and making me cranky for the day. Boo! Unfortunately, Mari is the same way, but she's still able to sleep through it.
  19. Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I weighed myself while I couldn't sleep. I'd gained nearly 10lbs in the past two weeks!! I'm tossing out the last bit of cake left in the house. Someone is gonna be logging some serious miles on the beach! 
  20. Oh, did you not know? That's right, I get a working vacation at the end of the week. We're headed to Cozumel to shoot a wedding and enjoy some down time digging our toes in the sand. Thanks to our MIL for watching Mari for us.
  21. I still haven't tidied up my bathroom counter. Eeek! I don't get to enjoy the Twilight marathon (don't judge me...most of you like it too, you just don't admit it!) unless it is clean.
  22. On a happy note, I have canceled our subscribe and save training pant order from Amazon. Mari had many successful potty trips and has been very vocal in telling us she has to go. She wore panties most of the day on Saturday and Sunday without having any accidents in them. She had a couple of accidents in her training diaper, one of which caused a disastrous emotional breakdown in a restaurant because we didn't make it to the potty on time. I spent a bit comforting her and assuring her it was ok. I guess it is a good sign that she's taken to the potty training when we have those types of breakdowns, though, right? ---And is she really growing up this fast! Tears to my eyes!

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