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Friday, February 27, 2009

In the early afternoon, I made a SBUX run for a cinnamon dolce latte. I was feeling the afternoon blahs, and I knew this bit of java juice would bolt me right up. I was a smart gal today and remembered to bring my sneakers! I slipped them on and grabbed the java and lookie here, see my new name.

After work, I ran over to Whole Foods to pick up some items for when Mari comes to visit. This is the beginning of Columbus Circle. Whole Foods is in the basement.The following two statues are inside the shopping center at Columbus Circle. They are very large statues and very prominent. The female is to the left, the male is to the right. This one is male.

This one is female. You can see how large they are in comparison to the woman walking next to it.

Here's a shot of Central Park as I was walking back. Isn't that beautiful?

As I was wandering around to look for dinner, I walked past a fancy party that I nearly crashed. Everyone was in jeans and a coat, so I knew I could blend in, but I wasn't feeling that brave. Anyway, I passed Valentino and Cavalli and came up Church's. This is NY's version of Church's. I haven't found many fast food fried chicken places. ha ha! (that's for you Carol)

I gave up and ended up heading back to the hotel to relax and order room service. I was horribly disappointed! Turkey burger was overcooked, but the roll was delicious. I was starving, so I couldn't afford to be too picky. I quietly ate my food while I watched Nothing Like the Holidays. It was ok, but it could've been so much better! The walking around was the highlight of my night, but afterwards, I was left with my sad thoughts.
After getting off the phone with Don, I sat in the shower and sulked until I was tired enough to pass right on out. But I get to see them over the weekend and I can't wait. I'm busting out the big camera for that one! Sorry for the lack of creativity. Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Hey Beyonca, when are you coming back to Dallas? I MISS YOU!!!

The Potts Family said...

Is it Beyonca or Sasha Fierce?

Jeev said...

Hello Beyonca,

My name is Jeev Z.

Nice to meet you.

Jeev Z

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