How do I love thee??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Every year, Valentine's day is becoming more and more anti-climactic. Especially with the way our economy is going right now, it is really tough to justify spending an inordinate amount of money on food and flowers for one day. So what did we do? Here's the short and sweet version

On Friday, Primo came over to make a French dinner for our friends. We've decided that we'll have a monthly dinner party with friends where we drink wine, eat a ridiculous meal, and all we have to pay for is the cost of food. For $15 we were served an 8 course French meal that was divine! I'll have to remember to post some pics! YUM! I sprang the $5 for rose petals to add to the ambience.


Saturday was my niece's 8th birthday, so Mari and I got to hang around a bunch of screaming girls. It was a far cry from Julie's home which felt so relaxed and inviting. I really wanted to hang out (hopefully we can some time!) after dropping off her custom Mei Tai from my MIL. We had fun there and the birthday girl really got a kick out of Mari's costume changes. I'd taken two thinking that the gals might change their dress up clothes a couple of times, and sure enough, they did!

That night, my folks offered to watch Mari so Don and I could have a date. Well, instead, we opted to order Mooyah online (OMG, Mooyah gets better and better every time!). I've been feeling sickly the past several days (sore throat), so we stopped by CVS after picking up dinner. I presented Don with Men's Health and a 1 year subscription for it. We later made the decision to go shopping and spend the amount of money that we would've spent on a night out for new clothes and shoes. Here's where it gets good:

Instead of a dozen delivered roses, I got 3 new pairs of shoes!! (thankyouverymuchDSWclearancesaleandrewardsprogram) Included with that bunch was my very first ever pair of Michael Kors shoes. I heart them so much! Don also, bought materials to make a locket necklace for me. I can't wait to see how it turns out. (oh, and I must brag that I had a very, very creative trail of cut out hearts when I arrived home on Friday, all which pointed to the homemade card with a special poem he'd written just for me...*swoon*) Afterwards, we hit up Kohls for their 80% off insanity sale and I got some things. On top of the already sale price, we picked a scratch off worth an additional 20% off of everything!!!! Don got some new shoes at DSW, as well as some fun shirts and a pair of jeans at Kohls. We totally scored big and spent less than the cost of flowers and a fancy-schmancy dinner (which we were able to indulge in on Friday night anyway, with friends to boot!), if you can believe that. Granted, we still spent the money, and that's not being very thrifty, but we needed clothes in the worst way and I especially needed some new shoes since I can't wear my Vibram 5-fingers to work.

How was your love day spent? Hope all is well!


The Potts Family said...

We most certainly will have to hang out and get the girls together. They will have so much fun!
I'm glad you had a good, relaxing Valentines day. Shoes are much better than chocolate and flowers!

I'll have to blog about my trip to the W. We had a great time, but I wasn't that impressed...The toilets in the ghost bar don't have lids! Seriously! One out of three toilets that I visited had a lid. Isn't that weird??? The view on the balcony was great, though. The staff was also fantastic.

Kelly W. said...

Hey B! Sounds like you had a great heart day and I'm so glad I was able to join in the French Cuisine with everyone on Friday night!! My heart day started out with my driving to my brothers house in Little Elm to meet up with my parents, who came into town to take us out to lunch. We had a great lunch at Cantina Laredo. Afterwards, I stopped off at Stonebriar mall, returned some jewelry I had gotten as a gift (and now how a $42 gift card to Brighton Jewelry...and I don't like any of their stuff!), then stopped of at Dick's where I bought a shirt for the summer, after that, went home, took a nice long nap, then got up, got dressed, headed out to my car only to find 2 cops standing next to it....they were knocking on the door of one of my neighbors (who looks like a meth addict), I quickly left to head up to Frisco to meet Camille & Jenn at Down Under Pub for Jenn's friends' birthday gathering. On the way up there, I called my brother to confirm it was ok for me to move in with him, in which I decided it would be cheaper (and safer) in the long run to break my lease. Anyhow, we had fun at Down Under and Camille and I both got the wonderful pick-up line "Once you go fat, you never go back" used on us! Great fun! I'm looking forward to next months dinner!!

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