NYC: Brio Restaurant

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My first night alone, I opted to take myself out for an Italian meal. I knew it would be rich and hearty enough that I wouldn't want to stay up all night out of lonliness.

This was a boutique shop on the corner that boasted a quaint sidewalk cafe. When Don and I were here in November, we'd passed this place several times, curious, but electing instead to go to Serafina.

So, there I sat on a cold winter night desperately trying to remember what it was like to be single, long enough so that I wouldn't spontaneously combust into a fitful of tears. Right, what mom wouldn't like a vacation for a few days? I guess I wasn't entirely ready for it, but I'm slowly embracing it.

I was tucked away in the corner. My co-worker informed that his friend's family owned the place. Based on his reaction when I told him where I was going, I knew instantly that I had to go!
For an appetizer, I ordered artichoke hearts and a glass of the house red. At first bite, they were unlike anything I'd ever eaten. The outsides were thin, crisp, salty wafers, but the centers were oh-so-delicious meaty goodness. For a half second, I'd forgotten where I was. However, the salty, oily bite brought me back to reality. I realized I was absolutely famished! I very, nearly cleaned the plate.

Moments later, I was greeted by an expansive circular white dish. It was a gnocchiette with lamb. The waiter highly recommended this dish, describing the taste as a lamb stew. I'd never had lamb stew, but I've had lamb before and I do like it. Sure enough, at first bite, the tender lamb melted in my mouth. The tomato bouquet from the sauce tasted fresh and the side of broccoli rabe was perfectly made. I devoured every last bit of the entree, but left half of my vegetables. I thought the broccoli might make for a good snack tomorrow.

They neatly packaged it in a sturdy to-go container while I pondered the dessert menu. And this, my friends, is how I pack on 20lbs while I'm in NY instead of losing the 10 like I'd hoped. ha ha!

I settled for the almond cookies with Vin Santo. These tiny morsels were posing as perfectly made biscotti with a wicked sweet wine which tantalized my outer limbs. I needed to warm up before I faced the NYC cold again.

Next stop, the Duane Reade across the way. I know if I had an actual picture of my little family, some candles, and flowers, I would feel a little less homesick. Unfortunately, that DR didn't have one of those photo processing centers. I literally ran back to my hotel to settle in for the night. I stayed up for about an hour chatting with my husband and I could hear my little one in the background exploring and wreaking havoc. :D That's my girl. I could no longer leave my eyes open, so I gave them mental hugs and kisses and slumbered for the next 10 hours. I guess I must've been really tired.


The Steinman Squad said...

The first time I had to travel alone when Brooke was a baby was to NYC too. And it was sooo hard, but by the same token was enjoyable. Good luck and enjoy NYC!

Anonymous said...

Aw - I hope you get over your homesickness and are able to have some fun! I'm sure you miss your babies.

Oh, and happy Fat Tuesday now that I know what it is. I hope you do something fun.

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