Sunday, October 26, 2008

We had such a busy weekend this weekend and it was all pretty amazing. Right now I feel incredibly filthy and as soon as Don gets home, I'm hitting the showers and packing Mari's bag for the trip this Saturday.

It's here already. I can't believe it. I know these next several days are going to whiz by in a hurry, so today's the day to get everything done. I'm so ready and I can't wait for it. Don is gathering your happy thoughts to include in my envelope, which I'll open when I start hitting my wall. If you want to send positive thoughts my way feel free to shoot Don an email with your words and he can print them off. Or, for those of you who actually see me, you can just hand me your words in an envelope and I'll put them in my big envelope to open at that time. So far I've only received two items, but that's ok, I know more will pour in soon! :)

Oh, and a quick sidenote: Mari is suffering from some pretty severe diaper rash. We had to put her in disposables for about a day and a half before we could finish washing up all of her G's. Well, sure enough, she got a rash (just like she did the other times, except then, it was just a mild case that we caught immediately before it turned really angry.) Anyway, it really sucks and We gave her a bath and put on some Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I'm not sure it that will work, but it is definitely clearing up more than it was.) I just feel so awful about it and helpless. What are some of your home remedies? Right now she's wearing a cloth diaper, since I read that will help her breathe more.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend!

Here, Mari is eating a pumpkin bagel from Einstein's. This was her first bagel ever and she just chowed down on it. What made it even more hilarious was that she just took it from me. (As we speak, she's completely FLIPPED her standing activity gym over and is singing and talking away, completely enteraining herself. She's so stinkin' cute and adorable.)
Here she is passed out after a long walk at Arbor Hills. Isn't she angelic? Ahhh...

This is Hayden and his snazzy new sunglasses. He loves looking at his Mommy and I caught her image. Isn't that fun? He wasn't as tired as Mari was after the nap.

Here we are at the Muddy Buddy on Sunday. I'm running on very little sleep, but I'm so flippin' happy! What more could I ask for? Hanging out with my daughter while we watch her daddy swim in the mud? Fun stuff!! Oh, and I must also mention that one of my besties was with me too!

Oooooh YEAH!!! This was after he crawled through the mud pit. Isn't he sexy?

And this is the mud pit that he and Will crawled through. Yes, they were submerged in it!! This was their reward for biking/running 6 miles. ha ha!

That's all! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I'll have pics from our pumpkin carving from this year. We'll do those tonight or tomorrow, so hooray for carving pumpkins. Hope you all had a great weekend.


The Potts Family said...

fun weekend!

Mari is so stinkin' cute!Yes, she most definitely is angelic!

Send me Don's email so I can send some encouragement your way!

I don't have any remedies for diaper rash. I know that Arbonne Diaper Cream is supposed to work well. I use it any time Braelyn is a little red. I also use Burts Bees' powder to keep the area dry. Its talc free. My doctor also told me to apply Lotrimin twice a day when Braelyn had a pimple on her diaper area. I used butt paste when Braelyn was small, but another mom told me when they get bigger you have to use something with a higher zinc concentration, like Desitin or Balmex.
I'm sure there are some home remedies you can search. Of course the "best" thing is to let them go diaperless. Luckily we haven't had to do that yet.

Mrs. Bianca said...

Stupid Huggies! They are the culprit. These were those super snug fit and I think her little body just didn't respond well. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up and yes, I will definitely look into

The Steinman Squad said...

Ok, I know this is odd, but if you go to a farm/feed store and get Corona (it's in a yellow tub or tube) and use it, it will completely wipe away that diaper rash. Nurses use it in hospitals on geriatric patients and I used it on both my girls - it is a miracle cream and cleared up diaper rash WAY faster than any of the stuff you can buy in the store. It's super thick. I've only ever been able to find it at farm stores, but you might try Walmart - they may have some.

Anonymous said...

When do you fly out on Saturday? Maybe we can hang out at DFW...I think my flight leaves at 8:30!

And that's one cute baby you've got yourself...

chae said...

Loved all 161 pics and Don's CAMO toga!! Some of the very muddy photos with the random strangers made for very good laughs!

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