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Thursday, October 23, 2008

This morning I struggled to wake. Last night, I knew that it would be tough. To prepare, I quickly made Mari's lunch: chicken & brown rice with carrots (pureed together), fixed her bottles, placed my clothes out, and attempted to calm myself long enough to slumber for a bit.

At 2AM she stirred and so we gave her a tiny bottle of water and she quickly went back to sleep and so did I. Thanks to Don for getting out of bed, though. I slept for another three hours, nearly, and fought that space between sleep and awake. I had to shake off the sleepies, and boy was that hard. I yanked my running tights on, pulled on my long sleeved Robin Hood shirt, and laced my shoes. My head was bobbing while brushing my teeth. I kissed my beloved goodbye and kissed my baby goodbye. Both were fast asleep and resting. I met up with the group and I was so very, very glad they were there.

it was cold.

Yes, it was so cold that the above statement warranted its very own sentence. It was a nice 44 degrees out. I was ever so grateful for my skinny scarf and Dollar Tree gloves. We IMMEDIATELY took off running. Jennifer, I'd met before, was the friendiest and most awake of us all. Then there was Frank and Gene (I think that was his name). Jenn had remarked how fast Frank was, so I was certain he'd probably take off. Right when we were about to leave, he disappeared, then reappeared again wearing short sleeved shirt and shorts. AYFKM??? Wow...he's hardcore, I thought. I heard him say something to Gene and there was that fabulous accent that I'd heard everyday for week more than 5 years ago.

I was whisked away to Rome. Every day, I walked up the flight of stairs and there was this curly haired friendly young gentleman, smiling at me and greeting the day. He worked the front desk at the Hostel where we were staying. I don't remember his name, but I remember his voice and his face: dark curly hair, blue, blue eyes, a boyish face, and that oh-so-luscious Australian accent.

Anyway, it happened that I was paired to run with Frank and Gene and Jenn were together. I thought, oh well, this cold weather is enough to make me run faster! So Frank and I got to talking and next thing I knew, we were at the halfway point. I hadn't noticed how fast we were going, but at the halfway point we were still sticking to the 10 minute miles and that was with the walking/water breaks. He was here as a consultant, getting somethings implemented. I gathered that he was only here for another month before heading back home to his family. It must be tough to be away from them that long. We continued chatting about cultures, life, and what not. The last two miles, my belly was aching and not cooperating. I prayed to not have to stop at the gas station. I know I can make it home! Frank started talking about Australian football. Similar to our very own football, but different. I was quite intrigued and LOVE learning about international sports. I did a quick search on The Google (ha ha...thanks Jenna for the "W" reference!) and found some delightful eye candy. Next thing I knew, my legs were taking me to the end and I was at home in the warmth.
I took my shower and let the warm water wash away the cold. Again, taken back to that wonderful place in Rome, no, no, no...get your dirty minds out of the gutter! The showers there were quite spacious and made of pink Italian Marble. The shower heads were fantastic there and the water a perfect temperature for me. Since the hostel wasn't very crowded, you didn't have to wait and didn't have others impatiently waiting for you. My showers there are in my top 5 best showers ever!
I love greeting the day in that unique and special way. It's so refreshing and perfect. Only 9 days to race day. If I think about it too much, I literally get sick, but I'm as prepared as I'm gonna be. I feel great and it really is a weird feeling to thing that 6 miles is just a warm-up.
And after I was dressed, Mari awoke in a friendly happy way. I'm so very glad to have my happy baby back! Poor thing hasn't been herself and this morning it seemed like she was back to center. I remembered thinking, oh big she's become! She looks like she went through another growth spurt and she's outgrown ALL but 4 onesies and a few pairs of her fun socks. Looks like I'm going to have to do some shopping soon!
BTW, has anyone listened to the new Coldplay album? I've finally started listening to it (yes, I know I'm behind) and it sounds great. What do you think?

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chae said...

Mmmmm...Aussie guy sounds sexy and a nice running companion in the wee hours of the morning.

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