Miles Dedication

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was reading another blog of a runner who ran a marathon. He placed stickers on his shirt and after completing a mile, he tore the sticker off. Each mile represented a different person (people). This helped him with motivation along the way, to get him through the end of the race. I don't know if I'll physically do stickers, but I did like the mile dedication. I apologize in advance if I inadvertently forgot someone, but I don't think I did. Without further adieu::
  1. Samantha, my sister - Mile 1 goes to her because she's always gone before me, being the big sister. She was there for my first steps in life, and she'll be in my heart on race day, cheering me on, encouraging me from afar, and reminding me to not rush through.
  2. Don, my beloved - He started this journey with me and encouraged me along the way. Mile two because that is where Don is comfortable running/training.
  3. Chae-lynn, my honorary running coach - This is where I'll hit the 5K point. It's here where I'll remember chasing her on that prediction run. It's running after her and hearing of her running stories that inspired me that I had it within me to achieve this milestone. Thank you Chae for the laughs and most of all, for making me aware of the importance of looking good while running. You make it look easy!
  4. My Tia's & Tio: Frances, Vicki, and Velo - I know life wasn't always easy for them. I set out to raise money for a cause to fight poverty. They struggled and learned to be frugal. I know their sacrifices for my Mother (because she was the youngest) instilled in her something so great and wonderful, that it's passed on to me. They are incredibly amazing and I dedicate this mile to them. Thanks for always encouraging me to follow my dreams! And Robin Hood thanks you too!
  5. My Michael and his Marco - Not too much longer for Michael to run in his relay and I think he's running 5 miles, give or take. Thanks for always being by my side! What a plethora of life adventures we've shared and here's yet another. Marco, who grew up in NY, reminds me of perseverance. His calming words of encouragement will resonate in my body, that and the image of one of his characters from Heaven Forbid(s)! ha ha ha!
  6. Will - I'll remember that run we went on and were rewarded with Starbucks afterwards. What a run! Pushing Mari up-hill, listening to Paperboy's Ditty. Gotta nail that nut, boy! You trekked through the mud just last weekend, grinning there at the end. I'll remember your grin and smile.
  7. Brother - Seven years younger, nipping at my ankles. I'll remember our walks that we took last summer and it'll be at this mile where I'll pause to smile and throw my guns up and holler: RAIDER....and I know I'll hear a faint POWER coming all the way from Lubbock, followed by a tink, tink, tink from Tink. Yes, your voice and bell are that LOUD!
  8. Danika, my little sister from Cali - Woot, woot! I'll get to see you a week later. Such a zest for life, you remind me to remain youthful and vibrant. Your appreciation for the little things is contagious and I plan to really take in the entire experience, so that I can recount it again later.
  9. Jessica & Donna - Even though I don't get to see these two very often, they are always there supporting me. Jessica, for the long walk breaks we used to take at your shortest job, EVER! Donna, for always being there. We don't get to talk much, but you are a super mom, always pushing hard for your kids and reserving a bit of time for yourself, which is always important. Thanks for being examples of moms who know the importance of maintaining a balanced sense of self!
  10. Carol, my Mother-in-law - Because this is how many miles I ran on our visit a few short weeks ago. Also, because even though she doesn't see it, she's a pillar of strength. An incredible foundation of determination and hard work, that is exemplified everyday in my husband. Thank you for welcoming me into your world with open arms. I can also hear her voice from far away. I know she'll be there as I smear my Chicken Poop on my lips, listening to the race online, if her Internet is working.
  11. Camille and Kelly - Gifts from Prince of Peace, I'm so glad to have met them at church. They are true friends. Kelly is an expert time manager, dedicating to get up early to get in her workouts before work. Thanks for sharing the Alaska vacation. Hopefully, I'll be thawed out by now and not thinking of Alaska! And a special shout out to Camille because of those many, many walks we took at Arbor Hills that got the ball rolling on all of this.
  12. Mikey-Mo, my cousin from Lubbock and the rest of the 806 kids - That includes his band Perfect Weather for a Stranger. Shout out to Steve-o, Zeke, Isaac, Dena, Josh, Chino, Liz, that whole group of kids crack me up. I know I can finish this race because we've completed many, many long weekends of non-stop partying that went hours and hours of unmentionable debauchery. Thanks for the LOLs!
  13. Margie, my godmother and cousin - A certified cancer butt-kicker and a living beacon of hope and strength. I'm halfway there!! You pushed that rock up a hill for months and months and months enduring all of those chemo and radiation treatments. I know I can go through a few more hours of running in your honor!
  14. Grandma & Grandpa - Grandma instilled a great sense of creativity, but an even larger sense of adventure. She has the best stories of faraway lands and interesting people. Hopefully, I'll meet a few interesting people along the way where I can chat to pass the time. This mile is dedicated to them and their dancing image that is burned in my mind. I can hear Glen Miller's "In the Mood" playing in my head.
  15. Daddy - The race is won by running...It sure is. It all started with the magic socks. Always, always pushing me to go faster, further, longer, to endure despite adversity. I'll be knocking on that wall and I can hear your voice through the masses. Run, Bianca, Run! It's like when I was training in the summers and he'd be walking around the park and I'd do my best to try and catch him. I didn't care how tired I was, I still ran. And even at the end, he wouldn't slow down, but rather increased his stride so I'd have to give a little more. Must give a little more, I know I have a little more. Thanks for sending Momma along!
  16. Friends Galore! - Lindsey, Jennifer, Bo, Anwar, Erika, Hayley, Jorge, Jason, Mike, Matt, Tony, Cousin Simon and Stacy, Richie, Rich, Bling, Breeyon Miguel, DAM Mommas (especially Jacki, Elizabeth, and Tracey), Danny (my original running friend, remember 5AM summertime runs?), Diane, Edna, Nnamdi, Shawn, Susie, Sylvia, Tamera, Trish, Troy, Vincci, Aaron...each of them at one point or another brightened my day and made my life ever so much better simply because they were in it. Thank you for touching my heart.
  17. Jeev - He gets one all on his own. I plan on pausing for a moment to laugh hysterically, because inevitably when I'm with Jeev, it's a jolly holiday laughfest. Then, I'll immediately think of lots of Economic books, Great Wall, and hanging Christmas lights from my roof and getting stuck. Thanks for the laugh Jeev, and that laughter will fuel me forward.
  18. GiGi Skip - Thanks for sending a note of encouragement! Her stories are lovely tales that should be written for many to enjoy. I look forward to lunches and dinners and the conversations we have with her. She's an amazing woman and I'm looking forward to reading her note.
  19. Aunt Kathy & Pete - These two siblings have adventures to fill an encyclopedia Britannica. I know where my beloved gets his wanderlust and I'm thankful for that. Cheers to adventures...and purses...and flaming pumpkins being launched from trebuchets!
  20. Mari-moo! - I get to see my baby at this mile. She was the reason I delayed the original plan of running in a marathon when I was 30, and my what a good reason that was. Hopefully, the endorphins will kick in when I see her and that will fuel me to the next several.
  21. Clyde and the the Plano Pacers - Jennifer, Chrissy, Matt, Frank, Kelly, Rena, Roy, Steve...boy oh boy, I know I'm forgetting some names! Mile 21 goes to you, because Clyde and Matt were there when I ran this distance and OMG...what a rush. I struggled through and they guys were there. Clyde=Inspiration Personified. I'm so glad I found this group and I'm fortunate they helped me with my training.
  22. Ada - My Ada...teammate, best friend, sister, innovator, inspirer...I can hear YOUR voice loud and clear. I know I'm going to want to struggle through, but I can hear it. MTXE...Man, how I HATED that phrase, but when you said it, it was better. And then when your girls made WWAD? I guess I'll have to write that in Sharpie on my hand as well. Because she's not one to give up or walk away. I'll be channeling that moment in time where she chased down that mugger and scared the living bejeezus out of him.
  23. My online blogging friends - Julie P., Shannon, Nan, Jessie, Lynn Michelle, Jenna, Ed, Perez, Zar, Julie A., Todd, Craig, Bunny, Sherien, Miles, Jessie, Robert...their words entertain me for hours. Why do I need to buy books when I have their words to read, which are more interesting, and better for my pocket book! I'll be thinking of those tales to distract me for these last few miles.
  24. Ashley - I'm so very glad that we reconnected. When she and I played volleyball in college, she loved going on runs. Running was an integral part of her life and she would get so jazzed to run. Wouldn't you know it that when I found her, she was running and training for marathon(s). Yes, multiple! Her donation was so very meaningful to me and I can picture her bouncing along in her signature jog. She makes running look like gliding, and while my own contorted way of running is not nearly as graceful, I know I'll "channel my inner Kenyan!"
  25. Maverick Folks - Christina, Tsimberg, Gridnev, Tom, John(s), Brian, Brett, Luke, Angel, Xochitl, Crystal, Vickie, Rick, Gen, Paula, Zhanna, Kate, Rebecca, Stephen, Paul, Curtis, Carter, Joe, Anne, Marjan, Brittany, Michelle, Katherine, Laura, Deidre, Evan, and Lee...thank you guys for believing! Thank you for the lunchtime jokes. I need that lighthearted humor to get me through. A special thanks to Catherine M. for the early dialog to help make this dream come true. Mile 25 goes to you, since I'll be passing the NY office as I round that corner for the last bit!
  26. Momma - She'll be there cheering for me at the end. Daddy bought her a finish line pass, so I'm sure I'll hear her, as well as see her. Her shrill whistle, enthusiasm, and bits of Spanglish thrown in. Andale Biankeee! You can do it Mamas! Recio, con fuerte! And I'm sure tears will be streaming down my face (much like they are now), partly because of the pain and partly because of sheer elation for the end. Momma may not be able to run, but boy can she work her wheelchair and scooter. I'm her legs on November 2 and I know my legs will be strong enough to get me to the finish. Thank you Mom, for being my inspiration and role model. YOU ARE THE REASON. Love you!

Whew...4 days to go! And when it is all said and done, I can proudly say that I ran longer than the winner. LOL!

and that last .2 is for me, because I'll be amazed and happy to say, I did it!


chae said...

Awwww!! Thank you for that sweet dedication!
Even though I will not technically be implementing such a dedication style, I am positive that YOU along with some of the folks you mentioned in yours will also be in my thoughts during my marathon!
I hope you start thinking of me as soon as you pass mile 2 and not stop until you have passed mile 3! That's an order young lady since I’ll be thinking of your journey the entire way!!
BEST wishes to you this weekend and thank you for the over a decade of this friendship we have shared in laughter, words of encouragement and support. A mile is too short to remember all the crazy times, debacles and stories of the past. Some of those stories MUST NEVER resurface though! ;)

Go get it!!!

The Potts Family said...

What did he do with the stickers when he took them off? Where did he put them?

Mrs. Bianca said...

He just tossed them with the water cup at the water stops. After 3 miles, they have a water station every mile until the end.

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