Running and Holiday Lights

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's been unseasonably warm here, like, I'm so glad I'm lazy because I still have my Summer clothes out, type of warm. It has been incredibly difficult to get into the "spirit" of things in the absence of the cooler winds. And instead of wallowing in the absence of what I expect, we decided to enjoy least for the limited remaining days it is here.

Every year, unplanned, we will take a detour on our way home and snake our way through the neighborhood to oooh and aaaah at all of the pretty lights. A couple of years, we were lucky enough to have some hot chocolate with us to sip on while we looked at the lights.

This year, however, we strapped the girls in the jogging stroller and took advantage of the early dark hours. We aimed for a 5K, but would be happy with 2 miles. Off we ran, snaking the neighborhood and looking at all of the pretty lights.

During this run, I discovered that one of my favorite pairs of running shorts were falling off of me. Like, holy moly, I'm about to have a serious wardrobe malfunction up in here. Why? Well, those of you who are runners already know this. For the rest of you, most running shorts are made with built-in underwear. Therefore, you don't need to wear another pair. In fact, if you are a runner, you are probably logging several miles regularly and the added underwear will more likely cause chafing in unmentionable places. It's a runner thing. Same as with body glide, peeing on yourself, pooping in the bushes...runners are dirty folks, but it doesn't mean they are all nasty. Some of us carry biodegradable toilet paper and are never far from a cleaning towel, antibacterial sanitizer, and a change of shorts. Wow, that was a tangent! Anyway, like I said, shorts falling off.

I was so pre-occupied with my shorts, that I was unable to find my rhythm. My little running playlist was putting its best food forward to motivate me, but I was so paranoid with my clothes. And then there were the pretty, pretty lights!

Probably my favorite one of the run was this one:

After all, He is the reason for this season. It warmed my heart to see that. 

Then, it was time to get the show on the road and get our workout really on. I'd finally finagled my shorts so they would stay put. We were about to kick it up a notch, when we had to cross a kinda busy residential street to get to the really busy street. The sidewalks down this street only exist on one side. They just abruptly end 2 blocks before getting to the busier street. While crossing the street (which isn't the normal concrete in most residential neighborhoods, but rather a tough asphalt), I lost my footing on the ground and did a wonderful rendition of a skip ball chain, hop, hop, hop, twist, to forward dive. I gently tossed my phone on the ground and caught myself with my palms and the top of my chest. I tripped and ate it pretty good. 

I took a deep breath, pushed off, tucked my ear buds back in (music still playing), shook the rocks off of my hands and began to run again. My Beloved concerned for me, but not making it a big deal and continued to run. I felt the familiar burn coming with the pain. I was reminded, again of my mortality. As my legs moved, I was invigorated that I had the ability to run. I felt the burn in my palms, the blood slowly escaping my body. I also felt the burn in my chest from breathing. I felt the burn in my legs from the running. In that moment, I was deeply grateful to not only be alive, but healthy enough to run...and yes, pick myself back up to keep running.

When I got home, I cleaned off my hands and here is what my right palm looked like before I added the peroxide and bandage.

And now, with my favorite waterproof bandages, Nexcare Star Wars bandages! I'd posted on my Instagram "yoda heal me!"

The only thing about this particular bandage is that the "tattoo" portion or graphic image wears off rather quickly and then you are left with just a regular ol' waterproof bandage. It's still fun while you have it and it protects your wounds. No, they didn't pay me to say that? I wasn't even offered anything to plug these bandages, I just think they are nifty and next time you are buying bandages and you think, "I'm an adult and I shouldn't get fun stuff"well, I'm here to tell you that if you want a fun image on your owie-boo-boo then by golly, get what you want and splurge! Put it on there and watch how much faster you will heal! (Growing up the decorated bandages cost more money, so Mom would suggest we draw on the plain bandages if we were so bent on decoration.)

What are some of your holiday traditions?

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