Gluten Free Cooking: Trader Joe's Corn Pasta

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's no secret that we have shifted our eating adventures to be more Gluten Free and not just for my Beloved.  Instead of just inhaling salad all every few hours, we had to come up with something with a bit more substance. Seriously, the boy has lost about 30 pounds with all of this. He was ok to lose maybe 15, but yeah. And since the part-time job has required more physical activity of him, he is looking shredded and strong! I would guess he is nearing the low body fat % and weight he was when I met him. Lean and mean, that one and I'm not really complaining. I'm enjoying it, plus, it is motivating me to get it in gear. daydreaming....ahhhh...wait, what? Oh right...

C'mon, I'll admit that I've been a slacker in the researching different foods department. My don't want gluten, cool, lettuce. Lettuce doesn't have it. And eggs! Eggs don't have it! and wine! Yeah, wine. Basically, that's been the go-to meal for the past, hmmm...oh, several weeks. If you follow me on instagram, then you knew I'd been blowing it up with food images for a long while. And then, our food images came to a stall because well, there's only so much lettuce (and eggs or Chipotle) I can post. (Except for coffee. Oh man, coffee is like the supermodel of instagram. I can't get enough of the coffee pics! Now I want some coffee.)

Anyway, I sat myself down and said, "Hello Bianca! Duh, go to Trader Joes's because they are bound to have some thing that will give you a jump start. Take the reins and make it happen." And I did just that. (By the way, ol' Wal-mart has even stepped up and has a 4x4 foot space of Gluten free goodies!) I found this awesome Corn Pasta where the ingredients were corn flour (clour??) and water. That's pretty basic right there, so why not.

I prepared it as normal, cooking it only slightly longer than regular pasta. No, that had nothing to do with the fact that I had to go and separate my girls from one another because they were in the background wreaking havoc in the living room and the baby was some how naked from the waist down yelling she had to use the potty and I was praying I didn't find a surprise! Not at all. When did she learn to take off her diaper??

As I poured the pasta into the colander, I thought, hmmm...smells like corn. Obviously, right? But then it looked quite tasty! It felt like pasta. It had every single property of it, except semolina flour, there was corn flour. Amazing!

I topped it with some of our homemade marinara. Don actually makes it! He starts with the San Marzano tomatoes we canned from this summer. Adds some carrots, herbs, and what not. Then, will add some yummy sauteed mushrooms and Kosher salt. It's delish! If you want the recipe for that, I could post it, too...if he shares it. (he he he)

Anyway, this was a win! Great flavor and texture. Decently priced at $1.29 a bag. It comes in spaghetti and penne shapes. We all enjoyed it. Best of all, it is gluten free and he wasn't starving an hour after eating it!!

Over dinner, he and I were discussing how we can spin it into a Mexican themed dish. Enchilada flavored lasagna (mind blown!!) or taco spaghetti. We also thought, maybe we could make our own corn pasta, too! If you have a Trader Joe's nearby and you need some gluten free pasta, and want to try something other than what you have been doing, check this stuff out. While there, get yourself some 3-buck Chuck red table wine, too. You can never have too much wine, right?

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