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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hopefully a haul video will soon accompany this post, but until then, I wanted to share with you and brag about a little ol' consignment sale called Divine Consign. This past March, I mentioned it and even had the video from that experience. Anyway, like I mentioned, shortly after attending that sale, I started a box where I began to put things into it that Mari had outgrown and I knew that we weren't going to use again for whatever reason. In it also went several toys that were brand spankin' new that she had already outgrown and deserved to be played with by another kid. She even caught sight of the box and the only thing she lamented from it were her Adidas sneakers. We made the last minute call to keep them since she seemed unnaturally attached to them. That's ok, because I love them too. I put 14 items to sell (far below the average of other sellers which I knew several of them were in the 100s of items listed) and 8 items have sold in the first day and a half of sales. I'm not thinking the remaining 6 will sell at full price, so ho-hum, even if they sell at half price, I will be happy about it.

So on with the goods. First off, here's some background information. As a consignor, I was invited to shop early on Saturday, when the normal sale doesn't open to the public until Sunday. I could go anytime after 5PM and take a friend, but no kids. My sis and her family came over that day to hang out with us and when she found out what I was doing, she asked if she would mind picking up some clothes for her daughter, Z, since she really didn't get to take her school clothes shopping. She asked me to get as much as I could for $50. Also, my other friend's son is getting close to the mobile stage and instead of limiting his movement to a play activity center, she wanted a walker for him. Specifically, she wanted the Chicco DJ Walker for around $20, if they had it. On my list, I needed to get some pants for Mari and maybe some tops. The top thing I wanted were a new raincoat and a pair of rainboots.  I know she's getting dangerously close to outgrowing her current pair and let me tell you, that child would wear rainboots everyday if I let her. I had some anxiety about the walker situation because I hadn't seen any thing like what she had talked about at drop off. Also, I was afraid that IF there was one, I would have just barely missed it. Just like last time, my BFF rolled to my house and off we were to the sale!
TIP: Take along a couple of those ginormous IKEA bags to help with shopping. Most of the shoppers there take a stroller or one of those rolling carts you see at the Farmer's Market. As a shopper, I detest those carts because they take up entirely too much room in the overcrowded aisles. Use the bag! They have bags for you there and you can buy them for $1 (and you will want to buy it, especially if you don't want to have to haul 15 plastic sacks filled with clothes and hangers. 
We arrived, checked in easily, rounded the corner and the first room had all sorts of tummy time play activity sets and bouncers. I sunk lower thinking I wouldn't find the walkers, when Lindz pointed in the general direction of the walkers. I scurried over there and what do you know, they have the walker!!! I firmly planted myself next to it, until I found someone who could give me the tag to mark it as mine. It was priced at $30, but I went ahead to reserve it until my friend called me back to confirm. I took a photo and sent it on. Within minutes, she called me back ecstatic and couldn't believe that we'd found the EXACT one. I was elated.

Next, we headed on out to the courtyard to investigate the umbrella strollers. I'd told Lindsey that I had seen our umbrella stroller (ours is the same brand, just different colors) for $14. Alas, it had long since been gone. The ones that remained didn't seem they would be as functional for what she was looking for, so we passed and went on. Next up, we hit up the costumes. There were some cute ones there, but nothing stuck out at me.

Then we went to the health & safety, plus bags & towels room. While browsing through the other stuff, I happened upon many designer diaper bags that I was blown away by their sticker price. Then, she pointed out one that made me stop in awe. Ok, I don't need another diaper bag. As it is, I have 3 and Don has 1 and who knows when the next little one will come around. But this bag is timeless and classic and ever so versatile that it doesn't HAVE to be used as a diaper bag. It's a red M Street Victora Kate Spade bag with black handles and a black leather bottom with those grippers at the base that don't actually force the bag to sit on the surface where you place it. It has a removable diaper changing pad, so ample pockets for all things galore! There were so many pockets and enough space that it instantly made me think of the Kangaroo Keeper (by the way, I officially am adding this to my Christmas list, in black, please!) I scooped it up and was happy at the thought (because yes folks, it's original price is $250!!) and the resale price is $20.

Finally, we hit up the big room. This is the massive room with all of the clothes, shoes, and smaller toys. I went off to the girls size 12 to see what I could score, followed by a visit to the shoes, and ending up in the 3T/4T section for Mari. Lindz set off to the boys section and followed by shoes. We would meet up by the rockers to show off our findings, vetoing anything that we didn't agree with for the other. We met up about an hour later, where I told her tales of crazy pregnant women gut checking me, nailing me in the arms with their elbows, several bumps to the knees with buggy's and one insane lady who not only shoved 30 items across the rack, which ran over my hand with all those metal hangers, but also shoved her skinny pregnant booty into my rib. I did my best to politely say, "excuse me" when she looked over her shoulder, rolled her eyes, and continued to talk to her mom about how beautiful her darling daughter would look in this hideous green velvet Christmas monstrosity. I did my best to stay clear from her, but there she was again trying to shove her crazy self past everyone. Luckily, a very firm volunteer put her in her place and I quietly gloated at the look her on her face.

For the $50 for my niece Z:
  • Justice tunic (brand new)
  • Limited Too dress
  • The Children's Place skirt
  • Abercrombie Jeans
  • Abercrombie tan capris
  • Abercrombie khaki long shorts
  • The Children's Place shirt
For less than $100 for Mari:
  • The Children's Place purple all weather boots
  • Stride Rite brown suede mocs
  • 9 pairs of leggings from TCP, Gap, Cherokee, Gymboree, etc
  • 5 pairs of pants from TCP, Gymboree, and unknown
  • 5 shirts all from TCP & Gymboree
  • 2 skirts from TCP and Gymboree (my two favorite purchases!)
  • 2 sweaters
  • 1 pair of knee shorts from TCP (waaay cute)
  • 1 purple raincoat
Talk about a serious haul right there. Mari was overjoyed with all of her new clothes, exclaiming "WOW" and "Super Cute!" each time I showed her something new. Her cousin Z loved all of her new clothes too! Needless to say, I'm already pouring through her old stuff to sell in the Spring Consignment sale and I think I might have persuaded my sister to do the same since she normally gives away boxes and boxes of the stuff. Very excited!

Oh, and of the bag, my BFF stole it out of my hands at check-out and bought it for me. She gave me a wink and told me it was for "wishful thinking" and hope for "someday." (talk about choking me up at the thought, especially since it was this time last year that I was coping..) Heck, I told her I was gonna use it regardless of another child because that bag seriously rocks! Shopping with best friends, it's just awesome!

By the way, she scored a near brand new pair of Converse sneakers for her son, a pair of Stride Rite house slippers, and some amazing Stride Rite shoes, all for less than half of what she would have paid for one pair of Stride Rite sneakers. Insanity! If you are local go check it out at the Plano Center.

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Valerie said...

Way to go!!! I bet you'll be rocking that Kate Spade bag in no time *fingers crossed*

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