Fancy Clips for 4 Weeks

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy 4 week (1 Month) birthday to my baby. Man! Time is flying fast! I can't believe that I'm 1/3 through my time off and it just seems like the weeks have whizzed on by. It all seems like just yesterday, but here we are. We've survived! She's nearly 8lbs and almost 21 inches long. I can't believe how much she's stretched out. Anyway, it's been quite amazing and I've been enjoying every single minute of it.

We've been experiencing some traditional Texas weather: UNPREDICTABLE. Yeah, this is what Mari thought of the weather. LOL...don't you just love that face? Yesterday was a gorgeous 70+ degree day, today, snow. Not just some wispies, but some serious fat snowflakes! I had some errands to run and I did think twice about going out and about because of how nasty it was. Of course I wasn't the only one who was out, so I was extra aware of the drivers. When the flakes hit my windshield, I could tell my little car was putting its best effort forward to prevent it from freezing. C-R-A-Z-Y! This weekend we are supposed to be back to that gorgeous Spring weather. I know Spring is right around the corner, my irriated nose is telling me so.

The other day I was at Target and noticed they had some of these cute clips made from ribbons and a single prong alligator clip. They were priced at $9.99 for 2 pair. While they were cute, I didn't agree with that price. Especially since I didn't think she'd actually wear the pair at the same time. I did a quick search in the Etsy shops and saw they had some for sale there too. Then, I happened upon another blog that had the directions so I can make some at home. I had loads and loads of ribbon, I just didn't have the clips. I went to the beauty supply store and bought them. They were $1 plus tax. I bought 2 packs and set out to make some fancy clips for Mari's birthday. You can see one of the clips I made in the above picture of her. Here are pictures of the alligator prongs, my ribbon assortment, and the gluing process:

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The Steinman Squad said...

She's so pretty - I love that picture of her sleeping. So beautiful and peaceful. Thanks so much for sharing and keeping us updated on how Mari is growing!

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