Crocheting: Beginner Slippers Great for the Polar Vortex

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The other evening, I was hanging out with my cousins and we were having a good laugh at my crocheting endeavors. (Hi Michelle in Japan! Remember that MNI you hosted and I couldn’t even make a circle?!?) I’m pretty good with scarves and bulky yarn, but that’s like saying you can draw a straight line with a ruler. At the time, I was wearing my new slippers from Beanies By Stacie and my cousin liked them. I told her that I would gift them to her if she would make me a replacement pair. She smiled and we made a deal. Then we started to talk about youtube and how you can learn so much there. Especially because you can pause, rewind, and start over. DUH!

I found myself with a bit of time the next evening and happened upon this gem by someone named Emi! The next day, we had some time before my Beloved had to go to work. We found ourselves at JoAnn’s picking out yarn, using a coupon, hurrying home to make some. I discovered, I needed his foot when I made it (because I didn’t measure it), so I made a pair for myself. I watched a movie and had one slipper completed. I put on a second movie to complete the 2nd slipper.  You can see that the right one is my “learner” slipper. It is looser on my feet than the one on the left. But they still work and are quite warm.


I’ve since whipped up a single slipper for my Beloved and my eldest (who wanted a pair with my yarn). I hope to finish those as I have time this week.

I used one skein of yarn for my pair (size 9 womens) and should have enough to finish up the Sugarbean’s (size 11 kids). I will go through 1 skein for my Beloved’s (size 12 mens). If you want to make baby booties, I highly recommend this video by Emi, as well!

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