Dishcrawl DFW – Uptown March 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

**Until I can get my other blog up and running (worstvegetarianever…darn internets with their picky DNS settings), I’m going to continue as usual here. **


Thanks to Twitter, I happened upon Dishcrawl DFW. They were having an event in Uptown, Dallas (near my office stomping grounds) and I figured it’d make for a great date night. I always love it when my Beloved takes the train in to town to meet up with me. It makes me feel all grown up!

But what is a Dishcrawl, I’ve never heard of it? A dishcrawl is like a pubcrawl, but with food. Think of it as a progressive dinner. If you love food (and y’all know, we do love food!) then this is for you! This dishcrawal, the plan was to go to four different restaurants in the Uptown area, walking to each one. The restaurants are a mystery, only being revealed to you as you are leaving the previous venue. 48 Hours before the event, we received an email telling us where to meet up. Cost was $45 a person (plus processing fees) and you pay for your drinks. There were 20 spots available, so inevitably, you were going to meet new people. Some of the places were able to accommodate for Don’s Gluten-Free diet.

Stop 1: Arcodoro Pomodoro

Drinks: $4 frozen grapparita, very sour and I didn't like it. I gave mine to Don.

Amuse bouche - Bruschetta, fried ravioli with wild boar, endive stuffed with tuna tartare, arancini


This was convenient for me because this restaurant is located at the bottom of the building where I work! Super win! I was able to log in a few extra hours until Don’s train arrived. We had a lovely time at the bar making a new friend and chatting it up with the bartender about different places to eat/check out and share opinions on what we liked/disliked.

The endive was the best thing. The Wild Boar ravioli was intriguing and tasty enough that I'm willing to give them a 2nd look. Previously, I’d gone for lunch and left so unimpressed I didn’t want to return. I’ve heard great things about their dessert, also, so I’m wiling to give ‘em another try.

Stop 2: Nobu

Drinks: Sake for Don and a Lychee Elderberry Martini with St. Germain and Goose

Appetizer: Salmon, Cucumber, and Yellowtail rolls


The rolls were tiny, like the circumference was somewhere between a nickel and a quarter. Not a bad thing, but this plate was to be shared by 4 adults. Um…that’d be enough for just me (yes, I’m that person). Remember, the gluten-free thing? Well, Don can totally eat this, so this was his place to load up, since he was only able to enjoy the endive at Arcodoro Pomodoro.

While here, we connected with a couple who had recently moved here from Oregon. They were so awesome, easy to talk to, and so much fun. We happily gave them our favorites up and down Knox/Henderson area, near where they will be moving soon.

Stop 3: Sambuca

Drinks: House Chardonnay and Rum & Cokes for Don

Main: House Salad, Mediterranean Veggie Lasagna (filled with asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, roma tomatoes, and black olives) and Chicken breast over potato hash with a champagne sauce


The chicken was dry, I loved the lasagna! Most importantly, I loved the live jazz band. We had great conversation with lots of laughter and on our way out, Don and I snuck a dance on their dance floor. :) Oh, but back to that lasagna. Don couldn’t eat it and since it was a veggie lasagna, I would have liked to have seen them make the lasagna layer out of a cucumber or a zucchini to really make it all the way vegetarian and gluten-free friendly. The flavors married so well, I would’ve traded my chicken for more lasagna. (didn’t finish my chicken, in fact. wasn’t worth finishing)

The dinner conversation at this place was a hoot! We were in stitches laughing about everything and nothing. Giving tips on other places around Dallas. We realized quickly how much we really like to eat and explore new places. Quite a contrast from what I had typically eaten before meeting Don. I like that we can celebrate this adventure together.

Stop 4: Dee Lincoln's

Drinks: Rum & Coke for Don...he likes rum...I didn't have anything since Id' be driving

Dessert: Bread pudding, pots de creme, and berries with cream


The bread pudding was literally bite size. Like smaller than those tiny brownies they have here. The chocolate pots de creme were like a jello shot shooter. Not gonna lie, it was disappointing to see that was served in a plastic 1 oz solo container. Not cool for such a high-end place. I expected more. It had potential to be so much more. For the chocolate itself, it was ok. Not really quite what I’d expected. Oh, and the berries, 3 total. 1 blackberry, 1 raspberry, 1 blueberry with a tiny drizzle of cream.

All in all, the people we met were great. Good date night and I’d highly recommend it to anyone, single or coupled up. You will be around people who enjoy culinary adventures just like you. Or this would be a fun outing with friends, too!

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