The Ferry Ride

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This deserved a post all on its own because well, it was a calm adventure. The ferry was just across the highway from the hotel, but because of all of our luggage, it was best to drive over. Lucky for us, our buddy was waiting for us and he loaded us up! We were shooting for the 11AM ferry, but didn’t leave the room until 10:58. So we thought the 11:30 ferry would be a go, but after we unloaded, tagged the luggage, and took the cars to the overnight lot, we ended up taking the Noon ferry over. I think a roundtirp ticket for an adult costs $18.

You wait in line to board the ferry. The ferry is two levels, with the 2nd level being exposed to the outside. On that day, odds were that if you were sitting up high, you were going to get wet. There were several bikes parked in the bike area. They also had space for large carts of luggage. Isn’t that sky amazing?

I did the Sugarbean’s hair while we waited. (You will see that sweater in many pictures because that was the only warm garment I packed for her. um, hello, Texas girl! I thought cool weather meant it was going to be in the 90s. LOL! Incidentally, that sweater was acquired last December when I was in Boulder. I popped my head into a Children’s boutique store. It was discounted 75% off regular price and it was still a splurge coming in at just under $60. I’ve already felt like we’ve gotten our money’s worth, though.) She enjoyed the view, but didn’t like the wind. The lei’s were a gift from our cottage visit.

When the ferry arrived, we grabbed seats in the last 2 rows. We parked the stroller right behind it in a secure area. T sat on my lap and MariJul had room to gaze out the window. A very sleepy baby passed out moments after we took off.

He is so gosh darn handsome. Wowsa!

This one cracks me up. Our buddy is so excited because the day after this photo was taken, he was going to be married! His dad, on the other hand, looks less than amused.

She was also so very tired, but kept fighting it. This is how I picture my darling angel.

I learned that if you sit in the back, you hardly feel any “turbulence” (what is the word for when the boat shakes, like an airplane has turbulence? Is it wake? I dunno. pshhh) On our ride back several days later, we sat in the front and whoaaa! What a difference! On both trips, both girls had passed out before we’d arrived.

It was very scenic and lovely. Unless you own a private boat, the only way you can get to the island is by ferry. The journey is quite fast and not at all unsettling to the tummy (if you are prone to becoming seasick).

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