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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From our Villa at Hotel Borinquen…that smoke is actually steam rising from the hot springs


This is exactly what our villa looked like, only we were higher up. Duh.


This is Brendan. I said he was 10, but he’s actually 13. My bad. He and his mom are here for 2 weeks. In their family, when the child turns 13, the mother takes the child on a 2 week vacation for just the two of them. It’s a wonderful idea!


This is Leah with Eli. He’s always smiling and happy. Don’t you like his sense of fashion? That’s the swing set in the background.


Behind him is our rental car and to the left is our hotel.


Our classroom. Smile


Me doing split time in the front prepping to move into butterfly.


Leah getting after it. This move gets her into the big circle spin.IMG_9354

Now the big circle all around. Looks amazing with fire!


These guys are funny. Look how little he is. He picked up and carried that piece of fruit up the tree. Then, he carried it around the tree as a moved closer for the pic. Funny!



Coconuts for my Pops. I can’t bring one home, but Sam, can you show him this?IMG_9358

Native tree. Love the exposed climbing roots.


These are the hammocks at our school. I like the one furthest to the right just off the edge.IMG_9362

Classmates: Steven, Rachel, and Matteo.IMG_9364

Don relaxing in the hammock.IMG_9365IMG_9366

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