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Friday, May 25, 2012

Remember when I said I was gonna try to put more words down and be more vigilant about making time to write? um…yeah I’ve been busy. If you are a friend on Instagram, then you’d have a clue what I’ve been up to. For the rest of you, here’s a brief recap:

Last we talked, it was the first of the month and I’d just gone to a concert. Well, since then…
I traveled to good ol’ Lubbock to do some maternity portraits, a baby shower, and attended my first ever Christian Rock concert (loved that they had the lyrics on the big screen so you could sing along!

I also caught my first baseball game of the season. Later than normal for me for me to go, but it was a wonderful surprise from my husband! Despite the loss, it was still a great game.

I also had a me-party day where I treated myself to a blow-out (where I got to see The Notebook uninterrupted while sipping a super yummy mimosa), met up with a girlfriend for manis/pedis (and more yummy mimosas!), then headed out to the Byron Nelson golf tournament for a late lunch and laughs.

This group of people will brighten any mood and make your sides sore for days with all of the laughter. Who needs a workout video when you can hang with them?

Also, I headed up to Rochester, NY for one of my oldest friends’ wedding. It was such a nice and lovely wedding. I was glad I was able to travel up there and stand up alongside him for such a memorable occasion. I kept thinking to myself, daaang, when did we grow up??

And I have to say, how awesome are weddings? Not only for that nice jolt of lovey-dovey LOVE, but meeting new people and making friends with them. I was lucky enough to make a new friend who offered up a room in her home for my stay while there!! (everyone there was so welcoming and amazing, I’m highly endorsing Rochester as a place to visit, folks!) On the morning of the wedding, I’d gotten up to go for a quick 5K. I got to see so much green beauty on my run and it was a refreshing 49 degrees at 6AM. When I returned, I tried to be a good house guest and whipped us up some scrambled eggs with spinach. We also had amazing toast, yogurt with cereal, and some delicious flavored bread! We dined al fresco and it was heavenly!! (Thanks Jules!!)

Because I wasn’t busy enough, as soon as I landed from my trip, I took a power nap, then dolled myself up because it was my turn to surprise my husband. I’d gotten us tickets to see Green Day’s American Idiot at the Winspear and we’d made a complete date out of it. We went to eat at The Porch, had some libations at Veritas, popped in to the show at the Winspear, then finished the night at Union Bear. WHAT??? I know, it’s like we had free babysitting or something. Well, we did, thanks to my mother-in-law, who watched our girls on her birthday!! Amazing!
We like to dance where ever we are, whether in a wine bar (Al Green) or on a scenic balcony (singing Fly Me to the Moon).

Whew…busy! Oh, and we went to a vodka tasting with friends and capped the night off eating some raw oysters! Yum!! Best part was introducing friends to the wonderfulness that is a delicious raw oyster. Nothing like a bit of vodka and lots of horseradish to get someone to try new things, ‘eh? (I think it had more to do with the vodka, but whatever.) But how can you resist this awesomeness? I'm salivating looking at 'em!

So yeah, that’s been my life in a nutshell. Busy, busy, busy. You know what, friends? It’s about to get even busier! I head out to NYC in 10 days, then we’ll be in ol’ Costa Rica in 3 weeks, followed by a visit out to California, then Tennessee. During that time, I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging in real time, but I will have my trusty journal, writing down the adventures; doing it up old school style with ink and paper. Usually when I travel, I'm often hit with nostalgia and feel the need to document times that have long since have passed, as well. This is very cathartic for me as it allows for fresh perspective on any lingering thoughts that aren't necessarily at the forefront of my brain.

But even before that, it’s June 1 and y’all know what that means…


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