2010 Birthday Wishes: Revised

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For smiles and giggles, I thought I would take the time to put together a birthday wish list of things I'd like to have or dream of having. Of course, I'm beyond blessed to be able to celebrate it with lots of friends and family over the whole entire month of June, especially a very SPECIAL weekend in Austin that starts on Thursday and finishes up Sunday night. That particular weekend will be filled with, but not limited to: 70s party bus, party barge, brunch, game night, photographing a bridal session, a run along Town Lake, and who knows what else. I'm too ecstatic to have my parents and siblings in attendance, as well as my mother-in-law, a sprinkling of cousins, out of state friends from California, Arizona, and Oklahoma, as well as in-state friends traveling from Dallas and Lubbock! Talk about truly blessed indeed. Anyway, I still made a wish list of bigger items, but of course, these are just for dreaming. Maybe someday the dream will be a reality. You should be able to click the picture for more information, but I'm going to detail it out here now.

  1. TIGI Curling Iron - I really like my current curling iron, so I don't need to replace it, BUT this little guy was pretty darn spectacular. On my recent trip, I didn't pack a curling iron, just a flat iron. Well, my friend let me borrow hers and wow, did it knock my socks off. For $24.99 at Ulta, that's a great price!
  2. Canon 5D Mark II (Body Only) - But Bianca, you already have a camera. You're right, I do! I love it. My little silver bullet has been a working machine. But someday I want to upgrade body styles. I'm going to stay in the Canon family, but I don't really want to make the ginormous leap to a 7D or 9D (when it comes out). This guy feels good in my hands and is somewhat familiar to me. Because I already have lenses, I just need a body for now. However, what I don't have is an extra $2399 laying around to pick it up at Amazon. :)
  3. HTC EVO - I must ask myself, am I really ready for a full Smartphone? My current phone is pretty snazzy and does most of what I need it to do, but I would love for it to do more. Queue multi-tasking smart phone fools! I want something that takes crisp photos, HD videos, gets email, integrates my calendar(s), tells time, connects to my various nooks on the internets, and has a nifty kickstand just to show off. This little baby has all of that. Love it! It is $199, but there's some rebate attached and that's for new service w/ a 2 year agreement. I have NO IDEA what it'll really cost me, but you can bet I'm going to run to Best Buy to find out. 
  4. Shootsac with cover - Yes, yes, yes, I know I had a tutorial for one that i made myself. You know what, that little guy has done a darn good job for me. BUT, it is no Shootsac. I would like a bit more space, yes and the flexibility to dress it up and down. Currently, my bag is quite a bit "louder" than I need it to be in some cases. $209 at Amazon for the bag and cover.
  5. Vapur Bottle - My friend introduced me to these bottles and the concept is INCREDIBLE. I like how it can tuck away nicely until I'm ready for use. I can't tell you how handy this would've been when Mari was smaller. I'm tempted to splurge on the Family Pack and gift a couple to my mother who seems to NEVER be without a water bottle, but if she is, she's quick to find one. She doesn't particularly like the other reusable bottles we've gotten her because they are too bulky and she forgets them at home. This bottle would fit nicely in her purse! $24.95 for the Family Pack or $8.95 on the site.
  6. Starbucks Grande Acrylic Travel Tumbler - This is similar to my Tervis Tumbler, but different. I loves me some sbux. I know, I know, don't judge! You like it too! The very best thing about this is the straw that stays put! How awesome is that? I don't necessarily agree with the price. For $26.95, it'll take me a few drinks to get my money's worth. Although, at my local sbux, it is slightly cheaper, so I need to investigate further to figure out what's going on. EDIT: It is MUCH cheaper at the local store. Only $11.95 to be exact. INSANE. Yes, I've already fulfilled this one.
    6a. Kate Spade Earrings - I fell in love with this amazing baubles and you know how I love me some jewelry! I don't really own anything in this color, but wouldn't they be an amazing accent piece? Love them! $55 at Kate and if I join their mailing list I get 15% off my first order and there is free shipping! yeehaw!
  7. Flip Micro SD - This is a digital video camera only. But, it records in hi-def and super fast plug and play make it a dream for snapping a quick video, uploading it to our designated channel, then sharing it with friends and family. We currently own a video camera and it never fails that we neglect to download the footage and share it. Just doesn't happen. Lame, I know. Totally lame. But this little gadget is awesome. However, if I happen to get the HTC or the Canon, I don't know if I'd use this as often as I think I would.
  8. Canon 85mm f/1.2L II lens - This is the prime lens that I've coveted the most of the other prime lenses. I've wanted this lens since before I really knew what all of those numbers after "Canon" meant. Ye of the red fabulous ring around the edge, oh how you make me swoon. Someday I will have this baby. I don't know when, but I will fa' sho'! Right now, through sometime in July, Canon is running a slight rebate program, so this len is on sale for $1869 through B & H photo. Good stuff!
In case you couldn't tell, I like gadgetry. (cough....cough...UNDERSTATEMENT....cough...cough) Some of these are totally far fetched and that's ok. If I get a gift, it'd be awesome just for someone to think of me. I also like it when someone gives me a gift by paying it forward, a la donating money/time to charity in my name. Tiny happies always make me giddy. I've been given SBUX gift cards and I will hide them in my stack of blank index cards only to discover them throughout the year and gleefully squeal when I discover them. Always good stuff! Still, one of the best gifts that I have seen someone request are handwritten letters from their loved ones. She opened them throughout the year as little surprises. Not cards, but letters sharing a favorite memory or what have you. Isn't that nifty? Regardless, only 12 more days until June. Where did the time go? Whoa!

What are some of the things YOU'D put on your wishlist?

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MakeupMandiTX said...

I, too, have the flip camera thingy on my wish list.

But what I really want are:
Iwata Revolution BR Airbrush
Iwata Revolution CR Airbrush
Complete set of OCC lip tars
A digital SLR
Zuca artist's bag

Since this year is out 10th wedding anniversary... I'm holding out for at least one! ;)

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