Wonderful 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Some compare it to an empty book with 365 pages in it. I like to imagine a photo album with 365 images each with  a different story.

I was fortunate to have had more than 365 adventures in 2014! Embracing my one little word, I feel I moved forward/adelante and found that unknown thing I was searching for, several things, in fact. I had a discussion with my parents the other day. They’d gone to see the movie Wild and it made them think of me. I knew a bit of the story’s synopsis and had wanted to to go see it, but haven’t just yet. My mom said the characters journey of hiking to process things really made her think of me. I didn’t piece them together, until she followed it up with, “You know, because of you running.” Some people run for fun. Others will run because it is like their religion. When I run, especially my longer distances and when I’m alone, I’m processing and chewing on things. I have a lot of conversations with my Maker: attempting to find the answers, trying to let go of hurts, forcing lingering voices in my head to quiet down. I ran a great many miles to push my soul forward, to get beyond the place of where I had been. Reflecting back, I found myself…a happier, less bitter, more forgiving, more engaging person---still in need of caffeine to keep the headaches at bay. ha! I continue to look forward, so 2015’s word is:
  1. inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous.
Thank you, 2014. Ok, 2015…Let’s Go!

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