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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who was that girl who sang on Macklemore’s “Same Love” song? She had that great and powerful voice and I does she have her own album? As a matter of fact, yes, she does! It is called “Heart On My Sleeve” and it is filled with many unapologetic honesty, it is real, so real.

Her opening song, “Secrets” pours out some of the insecurities some of us face. I know what this is like: to be afraid of the world knowing my dirty secrets. When they are exposed, you feel raw, exposed, and completely vulnerable, but there is so much beauty in that vulnerability---if you can only overcome that initial burn. She says of the song:

“I felt like there were a lot of songs coming out about self-empowerment and challenging beauty standards, and I wanted to write a song along those same lines, but in my voice,” she explains. “It's easy to paint a pretty picture and tell everyone to love themselves, but it's way more complicated than that. There is so much shame and guilt in our society, and I think it has deprived a lot of people from living fully. We're all facing battles. We've all had someone who has hurt us, so let's talk about it. I believe vulnerability is what will save the world. I wanted to point the lens at myself in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. This song is my dirty laundry, and that's actually really freeing. Now I can walk around with accidental pieces of bagel in my bra and eat it anyway.”

But she doesn’t stop there. “I’m a better person when I have you here” resonates to my soul simply because you can be surrounded by so many people who love you and yet you feel incredibly alone. If you have your “person” then you can battle anything that you face. Moving on to “Rib Cage” you get this sensual feel of a song, but the lyrics punch you right in the gut.  And along she goes, sounding familiar of the easy listening music reminiscent of Sarah Mclachlan with a sprinkle of Amy Grant from the 90s. Until you get to Wounded Animal and well, if that doesn’t give you some kind of feels then you have died inside.  You should invest some of your time and give the album a listen.

Her lyrics will touch you, but then that was her thinking when she wrote this album over the course of the past year: “I wanted the songs to be poignant and raw, but I want to hear them on the radio. I like to describe Heart On My Sleeve as a pop album with a conscience.”

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