Sinus Drain & Jars

Friday, December 21, 2007

For the past two weeks I've been having a sinus battle. This weather is making my sinuses all kinds of wonky so I don't know what to do. Every morning I expect to wake up with full on sinus pain, followed by me blowing my nose, followed by an entire morning of sneezing and sniffling. This is how it goes. I normally deal with this during spring, not winter. It's so bizarre. Well, this week, I expressed my disdain of mucus with the massage therapist. She suggested that I continue with my light therapy, but to see if they would laser my sinuses as well. She relayed that information onto the physical therapy girl. Moments later, there I was with this stem/wand being slightly pressed to my forehead in circular motions. I figured, why not, this couldn't hurt.
The next morning, I actually slept until my alarm woke me up. No middle of the night drainage. No sneezing early. It was awesome! I still have some sinus drainage and I still sneeze, but it isn't near to the degree it was just days ago. Amazing!!

Also, I feel kinda bad that I didn't get to make my usual food jars as gifts. I normally try really hard to do these and I honestly thought that I would've had some time to do that, but I didn't. Someone asked what I put in them. I have the recipes somewhere. Here is the template for the tags of each jar:

I normally have it in a Word document. If you are interested in the recipes, I can dig them up and I'll forward them on.

I also baked lemon poppyseed cake in a jar and handed them out as favors at my last birthday party. They were a hit and oh so yummy and moist! I love jars. They are so functional.

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