With every good story, there's always a cast of characters, 'eh. 

Captain America
My Beloved, husband, and super friend: He's the one thing in my life that I was sure of from the get go. With every fiber of my being, I was his and he was mine. I knew this before we'd officially met. It is amazing to me how much time has passed and yet it has only felt like a few days. Interestingly enough, because of him, I have learned more of myself: my views on the world and my feelings on the future. My faith was enriched on the journey of him searching his own, and it continues to grow. I love that he supports my wild haired ideas and holds my hand tightly as we persist in our efforts to dream big.

The Sugarbean
She's the reason I begin the day with a brighter and cheerier outlook. I never knew a greater accomplishment, while simultaneously feeling extreme inadequacy. She's rambunctious, boldly independent, passionate, loving, forgiving, vulnerable, and fun. We adore her and every day we are blessed by all of the new things she discovers. She''s a spirited little thing and adores her baby sister.

The Sugarbaby
She's fiercely independent, adventurous, hilarious, and exploring. She's wonderfully compassionate. She sees things from a different perspective that I never would have considered. We absolutely adore her easy nature. She also loves, loves, loves her big sister.

 There are also several supporting players that you should know:
Taken in 2012 at her wedding

Sister - rockstar coach, mother of two, super athlete and is ramping up on triathlon season.
Taken in 2013 in my backyard
Brother - younger, teddy bear of a guy who has recently undergone a major physical transformation. He's shed 50 pounds (maybe more) and is still going!
Taken in 2012 in Napa at Duckhorn

Hermana Danika - She inspires me to treat my friends as coveted treasures. She lives life in the ways you read about and at the drop of a hat, she's ready for adventure. She is our girl's non-blood related Godmother.

BFF My Michael - We've known one another since we were 12. He was my man of honor in my wedding and we've been part of every major life event: birth, death, weddings, gray hairs, break-ups, breakdowns, and everything in-between.

Taken in 2010 at her bachelorette party

BFF Ada - We've known one another since college. She goaded me many times out of my shell and I'm eternally grateful for it. She helped me to find my voice, even when I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to use it.

Taken in San Diego 2013 right before we jumped out of a plane

BFF Lindsey - We've known one another since our first job out of college. I prayed for a local friend (Michael was in Austin, Ada was in Stephenville) for my 24th birthday. That afternoon, I met Lindsey. We've traveled the world, exploring new peaks of independence, and because of that, we appreciate marriage and motherhood all the more. It's awesome to see our little ones playing together. (the older two are 4 months apart and the younger two are 3 months apart)

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