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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Now more than ever, I think having girl time is essential. On Saturday, we'd gotten up EXTRA early because it was our weekend to volunteer for the Engaged Encounter weekend with our diocese. Even though we were out really late the night before at a charity poker tournament (Don got 2nd, yaaay!), we managed to get up. We'd squeezed in just over 6 hours of sleep and popped ahead. After we returned home, I did a quick change and met up with Ada, one of my besties, for brunch.

We chose to meet up at Breadwinners, despite knowing it is always packed. I love this place. Yes, the food is a bit overpriced, but I never leave there hungry and I never leave there regretting it. I go there to create memories and to share time with friends. It is a GREAT backdrop for just killing time. We were seated out front and promptly ordered some mimosas. MMMmmimosa!

They also bring a a plate of delicious assorted breads that they've made. Mari tore that plate up. She very nearly growled when we didn't feed her fast enough. Here she is upset that she didn't have more bread. (Isn't Ada gorgeous??)
In addition to the bread, Mari enjoyed fresh squeezed juice, egg, orange slices, and grapefruit. She'd never had grapefruit before, but really seemed to enjoy it!
Afterwards, we went for a walk to the shopping center up the way. We visited a lovely boutique called Gardens. It smelled heavenly! Mari picked up a polished rock and refused to let it go. While there, I also bought Don a handmade Italian marble, a handmade wooden spoon for Mari from France, and a really cool matchbox for the bathroom (yeah, you know matches are important for the potty!). Here's a candid of Ada on our walk there. I wanted her to have a picture wearing her new sunglasses I picked up for her the last time I was in NY.
Afterwards, I met up with another buddy of mine (who actually let us park outside of his store so we didn't have to pay the $5 valet fee, score!). We must've chatted for about an hour and I realized how much I missed my friends. I love him and was upset with myself for not making more time for him. Work, family, and life gets in the way, but I'm making more of an effort, now more than ever, to spend that quality time with friends and family because it is too important to not.

I got home and was ready to totally lazy around, but right before I popped my meds (sinusitis), Guapo was acting really weird. He just kept shaking and I didn't know what was going on. I shoo'd Don off to go play dodgeball and figured that Guapo was just being Guapo. But not 5 minutes after Don had gone, he fell over on his side and started really shaking. I was frantic! I tried to give him food, because I knew that was an indicator that something was wrong, and when he didn't make any motions to eat, I freaked! I scooped up Mari and loaded her in the car. I grabbed my purse, phone, and Guapo. I went off on a half out trek around Plano in search of a vet that was open. I finally found one (who was AWESOME, by the way) and they looked at him immediately. Don had turned around and met up with me at the vet. $90 later and they reassure us that he probably had a mild seizure. That he was ok and because of his age (he's 8) that it isn't uncommon. Of course, by this point, Guapo was bouncing off the walls. He was happy as could be, tail wagging, licking faces, and just being Guapo. I had a panic attack when I left, just imagining losing him.

To ease my fears, I went to get a mani/pedi. I relaxed only slighty because it is very, very difficult to do so when you have a bouncing toddler on your lap. Kudos to the crew at Nails, Nails for keeping her occupied and giving a killer mani/pedi despite the jerking movements. I opted to bring out my inner pornstar on my toenails and went with a bold, shiny hot pink with white tips. Vavavavoom! My nails were just buffed natural.

Afterwards, Primo and Stacy came over and we consumed mass quantities of vino while eating yummy fish tacos. We also gathered 'round to watch the SATC movie, extended edition. It is so darn cheeseball, but so perfect to watch with friends while drinking.

Anyway, that was the weekend. I'm still not completely over this junk, but I'm feeling less foggy. We'll see what this next week will hold.

I'm headed back to NYC, so you should see some more of those posts next week.

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